Westword Article In Denver Colorado September 27, 2011 Courts Riddled With Neglect, Lack Of Accountability Report Finds

July 23, 2015 by Lulu

Westword is a Popular well known Newspaper based in Denver Colorado. Face Us advocates found an Article in Westword that tells the problems of so many families frightened for their loved ones, losing their legacies, wills, and trusts being destroyed and taken away by court officials. Wards and their families are forced onto medicaid, food stamps and become homeless. Colorado does a miserable Job of monitoring the Guardians and Conservators who control the finances of our vulnerable loved ones, according to a report released by the Office of The State Auditor Tuesday, September, 2011 by Alan Prendergast. Four years later. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Our Court Appointed Public Administrators, Receivers, Legal Guardians, Guardian Ad Litem, and Conservators are not held accountable for our loved ones and the Judges rubber stamp their unethical behaviors. We the people must work together to end this abuse.