The Letty Milstein Saga In Probate Court. Letty Wins Part 5

September 20, 2015 by Lulu

The case of Letty Milstein, mother of Denver socialite Judi Wolf, was sent back to the probate court by the appellate court. One of Letty’s attorneys, Cris Campbell, says he will seek the return of more than a half-million dollars taken from his client’s estate by what Campbell calls “that incestuous little group of lawyers, conservators and guardians down at the probate court.” “This is a complete victory for Letty,” Campbell adds. “The message is clear: Judge Stewart did everything wrong she could do.” Letty is Marco Chayet’s Grandmother a Public Administrator in Arapahoe County in Colorado. Some Probate Court families in Colorado report unethical standards from Marco Chayet.

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