The Letty Milstein Saga In Denver Probate Court. To Grandmother’s House We Go, Part 2

September 14, 2015 by Lulu

Refusing 83-year-old Letty the right to appear at her own hearing last week, as well as the right to hire an attorney to represent her interests at that hearing, Denver Probate Court Judge C. Jean Stewart ruled on Monday that Letty needs 24-hour “supervision” for the rest of her life. That supervision includes deciding who Letty can see or call, where she can go, and how she will spend what’s left of her estate–already decimated by the court’s earlier decisions.

Stewart also determined that Letty will not be able to see the most important person in her life–her son, John Milstein–until he agrees to “court-approved” counseling.

Letty Milstein gained a permanent guardian–and lost her independence permanently.

To Grandmother’s House We Go
When a Denver probate judge came calling, Letty Milstein lost her day in court.
Steve Jackson
June 12, 1997
Denver Westword News

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