The Letty Milstein Saga In Denver Probate Court. Here Comes the Judge, Part 3

September 14, 2015 by Lulu

Letty Milstein may get her day in court after all–the Colorado Supreme Court. The mother of flamboyant Denver socialite Judi Wolf, Letty has been caught in the middle of a year-long battle over her freedom since her daughter petitioned the Denver Probate Court to appoint a temporary guardian in April 1996.

The result has been the severe depletion of Letty’s estate due to lawyer fees and home-health-care costs; what she calls the 24-hour “invasion of my privacy” by health-care aides; and the loss of contact with friends, neighbors, and her much-loved son, John.

Here Comes the Judge
Letty Milstein takes her case to the state Supreme Court.
Steve Jackson
June 19, 1997
Denver Westword News

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