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  1. NEVADA-It is with great sorrow Roger Hillygus was arrested in Los Angeles early this morning after he was reported to have kidnapped his mother and ultimately surrendered to police after a several hour standoff. All Roger is guilty of is an unwavering commitment to execute the documented wishes of his deceased father Gene and dementia impaired mother Susan. This family has been through seven years of absolute inhumanity. The experience has cost them untold emotional and psychological trauma and over $1 million.

    August 21, 2019 by Lulu

    Join us *LIVE* Wednesday night August 21, 2019 on F.A.C.E.U.S. Radio with Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman, Hillary Hogue. …
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  2. Michigan families speak out about losing loved ones to guardianship. “This is not a system designed to help, this is prison,” said Niki Disner

    October 15, 2017 by Lulu

    http://www.wxyz.com/news/local-news/investigations/michigan-families-speak-out-about-losing-to-loved-ones-to-guardianship (WXYZ) – For months, the 7 Investigators have been digging into the guardianship system in Metro Detroit.  On Thursday …
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  3. Join us Wednesday night LIVE on F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu, Marcie Friedman host Rick Black Senate Bill 178, the Elder Abuse Protection and Prosecution Act What does this Bill accomplish, leave out and what remains to be done? S178 would be the first federal law requiring oversight and investigations of the activities of court appointed adult guardians.

    October 11, 2017 by Lulu

    Join us Wednesday night Oct 11, 2017 9-7pm MST LIVE on F.A.C.E.U.S. with Robin and Lulu, Marcie Friedman host Rick …
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  4. Calls for Court Reform as Legal Guardians Abuse Older Adults: Richard Black and Terri Black became so enraged by his experience in Nevada that he left a well-paying job to push for guardianship reforms full time. He is now the volunteer executive director of Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship, lobbying legislatures and counseling families engulfed in guardian disputes. “If this can happen to my family, it can happen to anyone,” he said.

    August 1, 2017 by Lulu

    SECTIONSHOMESEARCHLOG INSETTINGS Calls for Court Reform as Legal Guardians Abuse Older Adults By SUSAN B. GARLAND JULY 28, 2017 Continue …
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