Remove Judge C. Jean Stewart

August 25, 2015 by Lulu

Articles highlighting why Judge Stewart should have been removed from the bench: Now she needs disbarment!!!

  • “In Colorado, contrary to its title, the public administrator is in no way a public employee. Instead, the city contracts the position to the private law firm of Steenrod, Schwartz & McMinimee. Robert Steenrod worked as the probate court clerk referee before opening the law firm as public administrator in 1983. He stepped down to deputy status just this year and Melissa Schwartz has taken over as Denver’s public administrator….When the judge said that Thomas was to have her conservator appointed to the public administrator, [Carolyn] Walker objected. ‘We said no, she wants her own attorney. I want someone to act on behalf of her,’ said Walker. ‘The judge threatened to throw me into jail for contempt.’ The probate court also denied [Bernice] Thomas her constitutional power of attorney by blocking her payments to her private attorney Lorraine Stark, who said that the court denied her fees outright. The law firm Theodore Watson & Assoc., LLC was forced to drop Thomas as a client before the proceedings, leaving her without legal representation and a clear understanding of the situation.”

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