Our Vision

Our Vision is have Courts where Judges are held 100% accountable for their actions. This will mean Court Officials such as Judges, Attorneys, Trustees, Receivers, Guardians, Conservators, Public Administrators, Guardian ad Litem, Court Appointed Attorneys and ALL Court appointed officials will face censure and prosecution when their actions harm those in their care, including financial exploitation. Toward this end we are working with Legislators who see the need for reform to develop statutory regulations defending families with financial planning in place from frivolous lawsuits by malicious parties, as well as regulations defending families rights to determine asset distribution without court intervention. We educate others and talk about our personal experiences in Probate Court. Legislation is our Destination to Fix the Flaws in Probate Laws. Our Motto “Justice requires transparency and accountability” Giving up is not an option! This Website is for informational purposes only.

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