Our concerns with Colorado Rules of Probate Procedure, Rule and Form amendments are moot until Justices follow the rules, and mechanisms for accountability and meaningful redress exist.

November 17, 2017 by Lulu

To Cheryl Stevens,

Active Clerk of The Supreme Court

Post this Public Comment on The Colorado Supreme Court Page on the proposed amendments to the Colorado Rules of Probate Procedure, Rule and Form amendments. Deadline November 17, 2017 5:00pm

My Public Comment Re: Rules of Probate Procedure,

Honorable Justices of the Colorado Supreme Court,

Our concerns with Colorado Rules of Probate Procedure, Rule and Form amendments are moot until Justices follow the rules, and mechanisms for accountability and meaningful redress exist. Many families scammed out of their hard- earned retirement funds and properties have their lives destroyed by Probate court, and efforts to set things right only further undermine a just outcome. As an advocate for families victimized by egregious violations of ethical standards seeming to be tacitly endorsed by implacable, uncompassionate Judiciary completely oblivious to bankrupted citizens, abused wards, disrupted lives, overburdened Medicaid and food stamp programs, and misery caused by unscrupulous Attorneys, often Court appointed, I know the appearance of corruption shakes Public confidence and Faith in our judicial system, and these victims know better than to trust Colorado Courts.

People go to court seeking just outcomes. It is a terrible shock when Courts instituted to remedy the malady of injustice enthusiastically join with the most malicious offenders to defraud property, liberty, inheritance, and the right of the just and proper intergenerational transfer of wealth, and interpose themselves, obstinately ignoring constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, so that often ALL of a families assets are stripped from them and given to court authorized interlopers protected by Judges who make a mockery of justice to enrich themselves.

To cite for contempt those courageous enough to speak of the injustice they suffer, sanction them with gag orders, impose unwarranted restraining orders, and fine and imprison them for contempt they honorably and justifiably feel creates the appearance honor is conspicuous by its’ absence in the Judges responsible. I know several families who would like to file grievances against unscrupulous Attorneys who have maliciously and ruthlessly attacked them in the most unethical ways, but have no faith in the system set up to act as a check on this kind of activity by unethical parties in Court, with good reason. No one knows better than you, Justices, how unlikely it is they will get a hearing of grievances, and what the likely outcome will be. As the Court of last resort oversight falls into your Jurisdiction, but of 35,000 complaints the number acted upon resulting in some punishment, sanction, or ruling in favor of the aggrieved can be counted in single digits. That is unacceptable.

Law, and their own oath requires attorneys uphold ethical standards, including the Constitution of the United States of America. This should guarantee meaningful recourse when there is evidence of violations of the standards set by the Constitution, the Superior Court authority, and the BAR association licensing them. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests the present system does not work, and protects the perpetrators of court-sanctioned aggression. As the Supreme Court, people look to you for real, meaningful changes in Probate Procedure. These changes must be dramatic and wide reaching. Without a thorough investigation into the entirety of probate corruption, and an extremely high standard of integrity in the Judiciary, upheld by vigorous prosecution of unethical practices, and thorough investigation of charges of misconduct in every case, and disbarment, sanction, impeachment, prosecution, and imprisonment, where warranted, for those found wanting, we, The People, the taxpayers of this state, your employers, are lost.

We, the People must be able to file complaints with Attorney Regulations and the Colorado Bar with a high expectation those documents will receive due consideration, and result in judicious action. Every grievance filed must be heard and acted upon in an efficient manner without a gatekeeper heading them off, and selecting only a few for review. Pro se litigants have every right to be heard, and are denied their constitutional rights by being excluded in the judicial review and appeals processes. We, the people rely on your honor, Justices, for Rules of Probate Procedure are meaningless without Honorable Justices enforcing them, and a dishonorable disregard of our God given, Constitutionally guaranteed rights must end before meaningful changes to rules and forms of Probate Procedure can begin.      Robin Austin