NO ACCOUNTABILITY: Colorado Supreme Court Justices, like Chief Justice Nancy Rice, write rules for judicial discipline despite working as state judges.The Honest Judge Amendment would curb the judicial discipline system’s conflict of interest and move judicial discipline to the states’ Independent Ethics Commission.

January 7, 2016 by Lulu

Photo by Arthur Kane

Photo by Arthur Kane

COURT ETHICS: The Colorado Supreme Court overseas the department that investigates judges, but a Denver attorney Chris Forsyth wants to change that. Colorado’s judicial discipline system has an inherent conflict of interest with justices writing rules governing their black-robed brethren, according to a Denver attorney who wants to change the state Constitution and move judicial discipline to the state’s Independent Ethics Commission.

Chris Forsyth, a Denver worker’s compensation attorney, is executive director of the Judicial Integrity Project, a nonprofit that hopes to gather more than 98,000 signatures by June to ask voters to move judicial discipline out of the judiciary and into the state’s ethics system.

NO ACCOUNTABILITY: The Colorado Supreme Court justices, like chief justice Nancy Rice, writes rules for judicial discipline despite working as a state judge.