Join us for the JUSTICE FOR ALL RALLY at the Colorado Supreme Court August 19, 2016 10am-12noon. Let the Judiciary & Legislature know that we are tired of being abused by shameless judges and attorneys who ruin many lives.

July 25, 2016 by Lulu

Peter Coulter's photo.

Anyone that has been abused by our Judiciary is invited to attend a Rally at the Colorado Supreme Court [ 2 East 14th Ave. Denver, 80302; 14th and Broadway across from State Capitol] on August 19th between 10am and 12am. This is an opportunity for all segments of abused litigators to express our anger at blatant and continual abuse put forth by a corrupted judiciary and shameless judges who have ruined individuals lives and/or those of their families. This is our chance to start fighting back in a unified effort to regain our Constitutional right to “Justice for All.”  Bring your picket signs.
Please contact info@FACEUS.ORG for further information.