Eleanor had a Guardian and Conservator appointed even though a doctor testified in court that she could still make her own decisions

September 10, 2015 by Lulu

Eleanor, and the Denial of her Constitutional Rights. Four years ago in the summer of 2009, Eleanor had a Guardian and Conservator appointed even
though a doctor testified in court that she could still make her own decisions and didn’t need a guardian as she had plenty of help from family members. The
Judge decided though that it was in her ‘best interest’ to have professionals even though there were family members willing and able to take these
roles. This was when all her rights were taken away. Since these individuals have been involved she has virtually been a prisoner in her own home. The Guardian wouldn’t let her speak for herself and cared nothing for her wishes. The control and intimidation of Eleanor, family members and friends continued to escalate to the point of almost total isolation. We were informed that we had to have supervised visit at my Mother’s expense even though no one had ever
been accused of anything. As the Attorney representing the family put it “Prisoners have more rights than your mother does.” The first thing the Guardian did was get rid of family members that had been caring for Eleanor and
hired her own Daughter’s Company for 24/7 care. This relationship was never disclosed to family members but was later found out. The Guardian then
proceeded to remove almost all of my mother’s belongings against her wishes. Her home was stripped bare and everything was taken to storage units.
The removal of these items, we later found out, was done by the Conservator’s Daughter and Son-in-law who were paid by Eleanor’s Estate. After months of
paying for four storage units, while her house sat empty, the Conservator decided she was no longer going to pay for them because they contained
nothing of value to her Estate. Everything they took from my Mother’s home was of great value to her. My Mother had done quilting for years and among the
items they were taken were thousands of dollars worth of material and sewing machines along with family pictures and memories of her late husband.
The Guardian also took Eleanor off the vitamins and nutritional supplements she had been doing so well on and put her on Depakote even though she’d never had seizures and wasn’t bipolar, which is the only approved use for this drug. Having only mild to moderate memory loss, which isn’t unusual in people in their 70’s, she was put on a drug which impairs brain function. Listed in the top ten side effects are confusional state, falls, general physical health deterioration, tremor, dementia and depressed level of consciousness. We were told by the Guardian that she had her put on this drug so that she would accept the caregivers, the removal of everything from her home and the complete isolation from family and friends. We soon found out these people’s method of operation, ‘isolate, medicate, take the estate.’ They then began removing all of the trees and bushes that surrounded her home and property, hiring the Conservator’s Daughter and Son-in-law. Even though my Mother repeatedly asked them to stop, they continued until her yard was stripped bare of everything. It looked as if they were getting ready to do a scrape and rebuild which again her Estate paid for it. The Conservator has now told us that her ranch and home will need to be sold to continue paying for her care. My Mother had enough money and investments to last her the rest of her life. She had a Trust and numerous Durable Powers of Attorney in place but none of them seemed to matter as the Judge just cancelled them. What we’ve seen happen is that they will spend the money as quickly as possible paying themselves, family and friends then sell their wards homes or properties well below market value to an investor they know to make an even bigger profit for themselves. Another one of the tactics we’ve seen repeatedly used is ‘problem, reaction, solution,’ with the solution always being to tighten the control. Please ask yourself how you would feel if this were the kind of treatment you or a loved one were receiving. Apparently with the discovered knowledge of someone’s wealth or assets comes the sudden, intense “interest” in their welfare. This is a very lucrative business for these people and they will do everything in their power to remain in control. I sincerely hope we can expose what is going on and start protecting our elder’s constitutional rights. No human being should ever be allowed to own another.

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