Elderly woman claims guardianship program holding her hostage. At 87 years old, Doris Davis planned on enjoying her golden years in her own home, the house she built more than 60 years ago. But these days, she can’t even make decisions for herself.

May 15, 2016 by Lulu

Elderly woman claims guardianship program holding her hostage

Woman fighting for her right to go home In May 2014, Davis says she had a bad headache, wasn’t feeling well, and called an ambulance. She somehow ended up at Memorial Hermann Hospital. One thing led to another, and the hospital discharged her to a nursing home. The specific details of how she ended up in a nursing home is murky, but what is clear is that until then, Davis had lived in her own house. During her stay in the nursing home, a doctor at that facility signed papers declaring she was incapacitated. That began a process to place Davis under the guardianship of Harris County, something she never wanted. Almost two years later, she’s still there. VIDEO:


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