Colorado Senator Laura Woods Pledges Probate Reform After Hearing Victim Stories

July 31, 2015 by Lulu

Senator Laura Woods plans to introduce legislation next year to provide protection to families who saw their estates diminished or wiped out by court appointed fiduciaries. Senator Laura Woods overall goal will be to protect families involved in the probate system. She said those she has met see a pattern: “Instigate, litigate, isolate, medicate, liquidate, take the estate-celebrate.” The planned Legislation might have helped Diego Conde, a 20 year old man who had  a lawyer named Tamra Palmer assigned to conserve his money. Tamra Palmer was dismissed as Arapahoe County’s public administrator last year after The Denver Post David Olinger reported their business relationship with Jennifer Gormley, a lawyer who collected  substantial fees with Tamra Palmer in Arapahoe County probate cases. Some of the families who came to the Meeting at the State Capitol in Denver complained about Tamra Palmer and the Probate Judge Timothy Fasing. Others say they have been victimized by the probate system in Jefferson and Denver Counties.