Colorado Man Fights Conservatorship

August 5, 2015 by Lulu

Bank appointed as disabled man’s conservator fought him, then billed him
David Olinger
The Denver Post
September 26, 2010
For 10 weeks, Matthew Keenan lay in a coma, the victim of a hospital error that plunged him into respiratory arrest and cut off oxygen to his brain. A judge appointed his mother to serve as guardian and conservator for her comatose 37-year-old son. Twice, his father called a priest to perform last rites. Then he awoke.

The bank chosen to manage his money jumped into the case, allying itself with his guardian. Both billed him for the time they spent challenging him in court.

“I’m grieved,” he said. “It’s left my soul and my heart hardened to the process. I just can’t believe I’m having to pay them to fight me.”