Arapahoe Probate District Court in Colorado Robbed our families and forced many of us onto food stamps and medicaid. The American Dream turned into a Nightmare.

February 23, 2016 by Robin

Arapahoe Probate District Court in Colorado Robbed our families and forced many of us onto food stamps and medicaid. My parents Edwin and Marion grew up in the United States and served our country during World War II. My mother worked in the war plant. My father was wounded in the Battle of the Coral Sea, became 100% disabled, and so received a pension. My parents married in 1950. They had 7 children. My mother worked for over 20 years as supervisor of housekeeping at National Jewish Hospital, and Lowry AFB. They purchased 6 properties, cars, and motorcycles from police auctions, and eventually owned the biggest antique car collection in Colorado (115 cars). They built an empire worth today over 5 million dollars. Edwin and Marion planned carefully to preserve their legacy. They hired a well respected attorney in Denver who specializes in estate planning, who recommended a revocable trust, which could be amended during my father’s lifetime, and became irrevocable upon his death. This was to ensure our family followed his wishes and maintained control of his assets so none of his family would become homeless. The American Dream turned into a Nightmare. Our irrevocable family trust was seized by Arapahoe Probate Court due to a jealous brother who was not put in charge of the family Trust. All it takes is for an arguing family member, or you to become incapacitated. Probate Court takes over and assigns a Public Administrator. They confiscate your Trust, or overrule your Will, put your family into financial hardship, and pay themselves. Arapahoe Public Administrator gets $210 dollars an hour, heirs receive nothing. The Public Administrator and attorneys will exhaust your personal funds using your own trust money to fight you in court. The Public Administrator evicted our family from their homes, sold our properties hastily, causing a huge financial loss, forced my family’s antique car collection to be liquidated well below market value, and threw our family into turmoil. My mother Marion, 90, the prime beneficiary of the Trust, must now accept long-term care, Medicaid and food stamps, we can no longer afford a nursing home. My family is now full time care givers. It’s very concerning that the net $126,403,50 spent fom May 7, 2010 through April 30, 2014, only $16,096.66 was actually used for mother’s healthcare needs. The rest ($110, 312.84 or 87.3% of all spent) went to pay legal, fiduciary, and care management fees. Marion’s personal retirement fund was exhausted by mulitiple unethical attorneys “Representing her best interest” taking advantage of her weakened capacity to file ”on her behalf” suing her own Trust, and being paid by the Public Administrator. Between Marion’s personal retirement account, and monies paid by the Public Administrator, she lost over a quarter of a million dollars, our Properties were sold well below market value. We lost our antique car business and we have no college funds for the grandkids. Our family can barely afford gas for our cars. We shop at goodwill, and cut coupons. It’s a constant struggle emotionally and financially ever since the judicial system robbed us. Though Trust money was earmarked for Marion and our family, instead Marion was removed as a Trustee and deemed a Court Ward. one daughter was removed as Trustee for alleged malfeasance despite full documentation exonerating her of any wrongdoing, Another daughter with excellent credentials was removed as Marion’s Emergency Legal Guardian and Conservator and replaced by 2 Court Guardians and a Court Appointed Attorney. Now that the assets are gone and Trust money is mostly spent both daughters qualify to be Marion’s co-guardians with no pay. Based on false accusations 7 restraining orders were granted on four family members. To date we’ve had 36 court appearances. The judicial system has ruined our lives. We need laws protecting our Elderly,Veterans and our Wards from court sanctioned exploitation. Judges let public officials misuse laws. Rather than protecting us, our civil rights are violated. One way to stop these unethical court officials is to put Public Administrators on a State Salary. Court Appointed Legal Guardians and Conservators should follow. We must ask ourselves “how can we let this abuse continue?” How would you feel if your mother in Guardianship had less rights than prisoners, and your entire family legacy was unjustly taken from you? All assets liquidated and monies paid to court officials and attorneys. Our irrevocable Trust means nothing to Probate Court! Our family legacy gone forever, our dreams shattered, leaving us broken hearted, homeless, and impoverished. We worked our whole lives for nothing. No family should be forced to endure such shame, dishonor and humiliation. Our lives changed forever.