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F.A.C.E.U.S.  Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards was founded by a group of families victimized by unjust Court Officials. Being victimized by the system designed to protect us awakened us to the need for vigilance and oversight of State and Federal agents and Court appointed officials. When we discovered how widespread and severe abuses are we realized we ourselves must get involved and stay involved. Unless we stop Government Agents and Courts from becoming instruments of oppression there is no hope for Justice in our society.

Ordinarily, a person who takes from us what is rightfully ours can be taken to court, charged with a crime, arrested, punished, and made to pay restitution. When a court official takes from us what is rightfully ours it is WE who are taken to court, punished, made to pay, and if we protest, charged with contempt and arrested. With the stroke of a pen our wills are voided, our Irrevocable trusts revoked, our properties confiscated, our freedom denied, our Constitutional rights stripped from us, and our voices silenced. Police, rather than defend the innocent, evict us from our homes and restrain or imprison us while our belongings are liquidated and the proceeds distributed according to court decree, often to everyone but the rightful heirs.

F.A.C.E.U.S. is a non profit organization. We represent Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards (F.A.C.E.U.S.); a non-partisan advocacy group in Colorado helping families victimized in probate courts all across the nation.

Our Mission is to:

Eliminate Guardianship Abuse in The United States Of America.

Advocate on the behalf of those who are struggling.

Pass new Legislation to prevent new cases.

Advocate of the behalf of our most vulnerable citizens including the elderly, disabled and our Veterans.

Assist those struggling with this abuse currently and share preventive strategies to prevent new cases from happening.
Raise public awareness about widespread abuses in state guardianship systems and stopping Probate Fraud throughout the United States.


Please note: Not all judges are bad, public administrators, nor all attorneys, nor all guardians or conservators or public officials. We applaud the good fiduciaries who take their profession seriously to defend the rights and wishes of guardianship and conservatorship of our loved one (wards) and their families who are on the right side of the law. This information on our website is for educational purposes only and constitutes first amendment freedoms as a blog.

We are not lawyers, and we do not give legal advice nor do we give lawyer recommendations; instead, we want to educate the public with our own life experience to defend what is rightfully theirs and protecting the right of inheritance. We want to honor our parent’s wishes by protecting the just and proper intergenerational transfer of wealth. We strive to change probate laws to better Colorado and other states.

This site is operated in the public interest. Any copyrighted material included herein is distributed in accordance with the Fair Use section 0f 17 U.S.C. 107, in the interest of public research and education without profit.

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